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How Green Is Golf?

For all of us who are passionate about our golf, there is nothing better than walking down a fairway, listening to the birds, far away from the madding crowds. Is there anything better than the sound of a well struck driver and the sight of your golf ball soaring in to the sky, straight and true. Is it any wonder than many claim "it's better than sex" when your game is "on".

You may well ask "hasn't golf always been green? Golf courses have trees and grass, animals; all kinds of flora and fauna, right? What's not to like about the pristine landscape and architecture of a well laid out golf course, in harmony with nature, and the extra bonus of all that exercise and fresh air? Better than a polluted concrete jungle or a parking lot, surely. Of course it is. But the fact is that before a meeting in 1995 there were serious issues surrounding golf and its impact on the environment in the USA. And -- despite much self-congratulatory hyperbole from the golf industry about environmental sensitivity, sustainability and stewardship, and the obligatory eco-claims of every new golf resort -- there are still plenty of serious problems today. There are issues about where golf courses are built, about how they're built, and especially about how they're maintained. Golf could do more. As one expert says: "There's a terrific opportunity for golf and golf courses to demonstrate real environmental leadership. The attitude generally is, yeah, we need to do some things to avoid getting criticized. Unfortunately, that's where the vision ends."

Some Statistics

As far as environmental responsibility goes, golf is neither ahead, nor behind other sectors and it will be take some time before it will be considered as a "responsible recreation".
  • A worldwide estimate of over 30,000 golf courses catering to over 50 million golfers
  • An average golf course uses approximately 30,000 gallons of water a day
Golf Will Face A Crisis Over Water

John Barton of Golf Digest wrote (Golf Digest May 2008)
"There simply won't be enough to go around for golf courses to continue to do what they've been doing (one report says U.S. courses each use on average 300,000 gallons a day). Water is going to have to be increasingly carefully managed by everyone -- some have even described it as "the new oil." By 2025, according to the United Nations Environmental Programme's 2007 report, about 1.8 billion people in the world will be living in conditions of absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the planet will be subject to water stress. In America, demand for water grows while global warming has meant shrinking glaciers and mountain snow levels (and thus less snowmelt to fill our streams and rivers and reservoirs), more evaporation of freshwater reserves and lower rainfall in some areas and even unexpected droughts (not to mention rising sea levels threatening some coastal courses."

In the short term, golf has already proved to be innovative in adapting to the challenge of conserving water. Some golf courses are using treated effluent water or wastewater instead of drinkable water, irrigating smaller areas of the property, irrigating more efficiently and with better equipment, raising mowing heights, and using new strains of grass that require dramatically less water. All of these things will continue. New courses in the desert will become rarer. The practice of overseeding fairways in the South with cool-season grasses in the winter will become harder to justify, and less common. A lot of golf courses might disappear."

John Barton continues;

To coin a phrase, there are known knowns when it comes to pesticides, but there are also an awful lot of unknown unknowns. Even if the superintendents at every one of America's 16,000 courses are rigorous in applying pesticides sparingly and with extreme caution -- and given the pressure they're often under to deliver unblemished, Augusta-like grass year-round, that's unlikely -- can we be sure these chemicals aren't harmful? There are many unanswered questions. Why are various diseases like autism, asthma and all kinds of cancers on the rise? Why are Western men and women increasingly infertile? Why did my friend's girlfriend's dog get tongue cancer and die? It's not unreasonable to think that exposure to synthetic chemicals -- some of whose residues are found in high concentrations as far away as the Arctic -- are to blame. There's a reason that, for instance, Connecticut recently banned pesticides from all school grounds (grades K through 8), and why more than 30 states have some kind of pesticide restriction on school property. There's a reason golf-course superintendents dress like Power Rangers when they spray the golf course. There's a reason the organic movement is growing.

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