Golf Questions for Beginners: Ask Bob

Q: What is the difference between types of golf clubs?

Bob: Golf clubs are named according to the loft of the club. For instance, a driver usually has between 8 -11.5 degrees loft, a three-wood usually has 13-17 degrees loft, an 8 iron about 40-45 degrees loft, while a lob wedge has approximately 60 degrees loft. The higher the number of the club (3-9), the higher the ball flies and the shorter distance it flies. For instance, using the same swing, I hit my driver about 280 yards on the average, my 5 iron about 195 yards on the average, my 8 iron only flies 155 yards on the average, and my lob wedge about 75 yards on the average. This is done so that golfers can swing the same (not need to change the swing speed) for varying yardages. The higher the ball flies, the softer it lands - the less it rolls forward as it hits the ground. Sometimes the ball backs up when a high lofted iron is used with a full swing, while a driver swing, which flies low, rolls a lot as it lands.

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