What Easy 80 Golf Instruction Is And Is Not

Easy 80's Golf is probably the simplest the best   golf instruction  available for beginning and amateur golfers today. We teach what most golf instructors don't want you to know - simple drills that provide you with a natural, powerful, accurate golf swing. And it happens in just a few short days - with your improvement absolutely  guaranteed !!!.

So, How Do I Get Easy 80 Golf?

Just ask, and we will send you a series of six instructional lessons and drills which you download from the Internet, at your own pace, teaching you how to perform your golf swing powerfully and accurately - in just a few days - without thinking about it. And, we guarantee you will improve dramatically - or your money back!!!

What Easy 80's Golf Instruction is not:

  • Our Easy 80 Golf Instruction is not another golf book or video - which you will examine, try, and then discard.
  • Not a device or gimmick - which you have to leave at home because you can't use it on the course.
  • Not more "secrets of the masters" - sure, we ordinary golfers might be masters too... if we could dedicate our whole life to golf.
  • And definately not complicated instructions filling you head with a thousand swing thoughts.
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