Easy 80 Golf Lessons and Golf School

To celebrate Easy 80 Golf School we are offering discounted individual lessons, group lessons, and (soon to come) golf school lessons here in Melbourne, Australia. These lessons are open to all golfers who rarely break 100 for 18 holes.

Our Easy 80 Golf Lessons and Golf School Lessons are simple instruction methods that have a 100% success rate!!!

To qualify for these discounted lessons, you must sign a non-disclosure form, and provide a testimonial at the end of these lessons as to how your golf game has improved.

Our lessons are unique, easy to learn, and require no great physical ability.

Only golfers who desperately want to improve, and are willing to take 3 - 6 individual or group lessons, should apply.

For more information, including times, dates, please contact me at  maurychapman7@bigpond.com  or call me at 0417 188 855.

Happy Golfing,

Maurice Chapman

P.S. Please remember, we guarantee our live and internet golf lessons, and even a percentage of our golf school lessons tuition!!!

You will dramatically improve your golf game, or your money back!!!

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