I am not a golf professional, so I don't think like one. In fact, when I started taking swing lessons from golf pros, my game got worse!

I'm Bob Vennard and I would like to share my story with you. Let me start by saying that these days I give many  golf swing lessons  and I golf in the low 80's most of the time. I'm over 67 years old, yet I have a golf swing that lets me drive well over 300 yards. But it wasn't always that way.

Here is my story...

I started playing golf at the age of 51. The first nine holes I played, I scored a 69 and was absolutely embarrassed. But, by the end of the season, I had developed a golf swing that allowed me to play the same nine holes in the low 40's (high 30's when I happened to make some putts). I was out-driving much of my competition and hitting longer and straighter than most of them with my irons.

Still, I wasn't satisfied.

One day while I was working on my swing, a local golf "pro" approached me. He asked me what club I was using. When I told him it was my 8 iron, he said "Wow." But then he informed me I wasn't shifting my weight properly and my "improper" golf swing was causing me to lose potential yardage. (I had been hitting the 8 iron about 160-170 yards! But sure, I wanted more.)

So, I took some golf swing lessons from him - three in all. But, by the end of these lessons, I was hitting severe "duck hooks", my golf swing had actually lost yardage - and worst of all - my mind was overwhelmed with a myriad of swing thoughts.

In essence, my golf swing was now a mess - in just three lessons!!!

So, I decided to take more lessons, but from "better" instructors. I even took a week-long "golf seminar" the next spring. By then, I just wanted my old "improper" golf swing back! But, I didn't. In fact, by the end of that week, I was so confused and frustrated that I seriously thought about quitting the game forever.

Late that same summer, my handicap had ballooned from an 11 to a 21. I was frustrated. My golf swing felt awful. But to this day, I thank God, for the most disastrous round I had played that year - without it, these golf swing lessons may never have happened....

As I stood on the seventeenth tee of this round, I was frustrated, upset, and nearly felt like crying. Without thinking, I picked up my driver, practiced my swing a couple of times, and then hit the ball for all I was worth. I didn't think about my golf swing or my golf lessons - I was way beyond thinking - I didn't even care where the ball went.

My shot ended up about 315 yards from the tee box - in the right center of the fairway!

And, for the first time in months, my golf swing had felt great, natural, and effortless - but why? Even though I was utterly exhausted, both mentally and physically, my swing produced a birdie and a par on these last two holes.

That night I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about my game - how had my golf swing changed on those last two holes? My mind kept going back to my first year of golf, before I took my golf swing lessons. What could have changed since then? What could I do back then that I couldn't do now?

A few days later, it hit me!

Before taking golf lessons, I didn't think about my grip, my swing plane, shifting my weight, my stance, etc. I had just developed a golf swing that felt natural - but by now, I couldn't remember how my "natural" golf swing had even felt.

And, I also realized that I was now PRACTICING and SWINGING the way the golf pros were telling me - and getting worse!!! I definately wasn't PRACTICING or SWINGING the way I did when I started!!!

So I decided to go back to what I used to do! I tried swinging the way I used to swing and I started practicing the way I used to practice!!! I tried to forget all of my golf swing lessons. When I could, I had a golf club in my hands. I did things that were so simple a child would laugh. I would swing at blades of grass, pick dandelions with my 3-wood, etc. In essence, I looked rather foolish. But, over time, I got nearly all of my beautiful "improper" golf swing back!

Now, when I went to the driving range I would again out-drive almost everyone there. I could again hit practice greens on 4 out of 5 tries.

Sometimes, when asked, I would even help other golfers with their swing.

This was when I first realized, by using my simple practice methods, that in just a few minutes I was adding 20 yards, or more, to the swing of golfers who had played for years. Their ball was landing in the fairway and their slice was gone! Yet, I had rarely talked about their grip, swing plane, posture, ball position, or anything else that I had been taught by golf professionals.

These golfers kept telling me, "I can't believe it!" "I've never hit a ball that far before!" "It's so simple!" "My golf partners will think I've been taking lessons." And, the one that always means the most to me: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!-

And that's when the "golf swing lessons" thought hit me!

Somehow, I had formulated six of the easiest golf swing lessons and drills that could be imagined, and they worked - not once - but over and over!!! They never failed!!! Most of these "golf swing lessons" could be practiced in any small outside area. And these lessons were simple!!! - so simple that many could be learned in just a few minutes - and all within just a few days.

So I wrote them down... diagrammed them.... tested them, over and over... made videos of them... And the result are the simplest, and possibly the best golf lessons available for beginning and amateur golfer today.

Try these lessons for yourself. You have nothing to lose. They are completely guaranteed. And they work!!! - you have my word on it.

May these golf swing lessons bring you unlimited success.

Great Golfing,

Bob Vennard