Dear Fellow Golfers,

Firstly, I want to tell you that these lessons were put together by a good friend of mine by the name of Bob Vennard many years ago. Bob now aged 67, still shoots in the low 80’s and drives a golf ball over 300 yards! Bob is featured in our videos. These lessons helped me so much that I bought this website when Bob decided to retire. Bob and I agreed to continue providing these lessons as a token of our love and appreciation for the game of golf. I sincerely believe it will continue to help you too.

I believe that our internet lessons are much better than live instruction, videos, books, and even the Golf Channel. The video lessons are not razzle dazzle Hollywood productions, but basic down to earth golf- swing principals.

For over six years, these internet lessons have improved the game of amateur golfers every time!!! Our students have ALWAYS increased their distance by at least 10 yards or more within the first few minutes of beginning our lessons - and that’s only the start.

In less than a week, every one of our students had increased their distance by 10% to 20% and were an incredible 17% to 22% straighter than ever before. Their slice was gone, and they began seeing their golf scores drop almost immediately.

If you really want to lower your golf scores, and are willing to invest just 15 to 20 minutes a day to increase your drives by 15 to 50 yards - or even more - it can happen for you too.

Just imagine your drives soaring down the center of the fairway; watching your ball reach greens you couldn't reach before; out-driving your competition by 20-50 yards, and seeing your iron shots hit and hold the greens - every round you play!!! Imagine shooting a score in the 80's - consistently!

My Friend, THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A DREAM--- I Guarantee it, You Will Improve - DRAMATICALLY- From Your First Few Minutes of Starting Lesson One, Or I Will Refund Your Money - No Questions Asked!!!

Yours sincerely,
Maurice Chapman.

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When you purchase our lessons

You receive a series of six practical lessons which you download from the internet, at your own pace, teaching you how to perform your golf swing both powerfully and accurately - without thinking about it.

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  5. One or more video swing analysis' (once you've completed Lesson # 3)!!!
  6. Help and support throughout your lessons and beyond!!!
  7. Referral to one of our worldwide accredited golf teachers if required. You negotiate the price!!!
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  9. And you will be helping to make the golf course you play on and our planet more sustainable.

Purchase these lessons today and you save $42 !! and this includes membership to GoGreenPass Loyalty Program. It’s our gift to you and our contribution to the great game of golf.

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