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In Lesson 1 you will begin to maximizing your body's natural ability to get rid of your slice and increase your drives by at least 10%.
In Lesson 2 you will find your natural grip while adding even more swing speed, right where you need it most.
In Lesson 3 you will learn the secret to hitting your iron shots like the pros and to how to stop your ball on the greens.
In Lesson 4 you will learn a trick to gain laser-like accuracy with all of your shots.
In Lesson 5 you will learn a simple drill that will add even more yards to all of your golf shots.
In Lesson 6 you will learn how to finish your swing like just the pros - and why it is so necessary.

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1. Add 20 to 50 Yards (or even more) to Your Drives!!!
2. Get Rid of Your Slice!!!
3. Perfect Your Grip and Swing Speed!!!
4. Add Lag to Your Swing!!!
5. Gain Laser-Like Accuracy on All of Your Shots!!!
6. Start Making Great Chips and Pitches!!!
7. Hit Your Irons With Trajectory Like the Pros!!!
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