How Can Your Online Golf Lessons Succeed Where Other Methods Fail?

I have been asked this question many times and the answer is quite simple:

With our  online golf lessons  you learn by two entirely different methods - "Feel and Results ."

Most golf instruction tells you what you need to do (books) or shows you what you need to do (videos) or overwhelms your mind with a myriad of swing thoughts (most live lessons and golf schools).

But, can online golf lessons actually succeed where other methods - even live instructon - fail?

Does learning by "feel and results" really work?

Well, let's think about it.

Did you ever watch a golf professional hit a shot and immediately indicate that he had done something wrong - even before he looked at the results of the shot? Did you ever see Tiger Woods hit a drive and then immediately point left or right? Did you ever see a PGA golfer hit a shot and know that it was headed for the water even before looking at it? Did you ever watch a PGA golfer hit a drive and then hand his driver to his caddy without even looking at the result?

Sure, we all have. This happens because almost all golf professionals play by feel (not thought) - they know the feel of a good shot. They know the result of their shot without looking at it. Why? - Because they have learned to both feel and trust their swing!

Also, have you ever noticed that no two golfers swing exactly the same? Does Tiger Woods swing look like Ernie Els' swing? Does John Daily's swing look like Freddy Couple's swing? Could you copy the swing of Jim Furyk? Would you want to? Yet it works for him - over and over - so it is his "perfect" swing - but would it work for you?

This is why our online golf lessons succeed: At Easy 80 Golf, each of our online golf lessons contains one, or more, easy to learn drills: As you perform these drills, you learn to develop your own "perfect swing" while seeing your results at the same time!!! If you make a mistake, you know it right away. And, there is no guesswork involved as you progress. Just like the professionals you soon learn to feel (and trust) Your Own Swing!!!

And, we don't tell you that there is only "one way to swing your golf club". We realize that you are an individual with your own "dynamic" tendencies, so we simply help guide you to find your own "natural" swing, just as the professionals have done!

Also, with our method, these lessons progress naturally, like stair-steps, from the "bottom to the top" of your golf swing:

What You Learn, Step by Step

  • In Online Golf Lesson # 1, you learn how to "swing out" away from your body. (This is the start of removing your slice and adding distance to your shots. Within minutes, most of our students find that there golf ball starts flying 10-20 yards further than ever before and many find their slice is already gone.)
  • In Online Golf Lesson # 2, you learn how to add speed/swish to your swing while simultaneously finding the "natural grip" that works best for you.
    Watch the video: Broadband  Hi-quality  Dialup
  • In Online Golf Lesson # 3, you learn to conquer the # 1 fault of most amateur golfers. You also start to see your iron shots flying longer, higher, and landing softer than ever before. In addition, your short game starts to improve dramatically.
    Watch the video: Broadband  Hi-quality  Dialup
  • In Online Golf Lesson # 4, you learn to gain the laser-like accuracy that you've always wanted - without altering your "natural swing" in any way. (Also, at this point, it will become more and more obvious that you now have the nucleus of a very powerful and natural golf swing.)
    Watch the video: Broadband  Hi-quality  Dialup
  • In Online Golf Lesson # 5, you learn two more important fundamentals proper shoulder turn, and hip rotation. (This drill will add tremendous yardage to all of the clubs in your bag, and your swing will begin, more and more, to resemble the swings of the professionals on the PGA tour.) Best of all, by now, your slice will be completely gone - forever.
    Watch the video: Broadband  Hi-quality  Dialup
  • In Online Golf Lesson # 6, (the final lesson) you learn how to remain in balance throughout your swing, so that all of your golf shots retain the consistent distance and accuracy that you have always desired.
    Watch the video: Broadband  Hi-quality  Dialup
Yet, there's even more: If you ever have trouble with any of our online golf lessons or just have questions or comments, my e-mail is always open. Just send me whatever you want; a video of your swing, a question, etc. and I will respond as soon as I can. If you are having any problems, I will do all that I can to help you solve them.

Every student I have ever taught has dramatically improved by using our Easy 80 Golf online golf lessons - some in just a few minutes - and all within a few short days!!!

Even more, I am always by your side, not only throughout our online golf lessons, but beyond. Once you have completed our golf lessons, I am still your partner. I will do all that I can to see that you continue to improve; week after week, season after season, and year after year.

I want our Easy 80 Golf online golf lessons to continue to have a 100% success rate - with every golfer - every time. I know that you too will succeed - in fact, I guarantee that you will - my reputation rests on it!

May these golf swing lessons bring you unlimited success.

Happy Golfing,

Maurice Chapman