Customer Testimonials - Easy 80's Golf

From a golf course owner

Dear Bob,

Just a short note to tell you how very satisfied and happy I am with your Easy 80 Golf program.

Your Six Step Method is simple, direct and clear. The adjustments that I made are comfortable and easy for my body (and brain) to accept.

I was struggling with every swing and shooting well over 100. After my first lesson I knocked 10 strokes of my normal score. More importantly I have gained the confidence back that has been missing from my game for years.

Each time that I practice or play, I recognize improvements in my swing and technique. I look forward to the day that I break into the eighties. I am convinced that it is right around the corner. I'll let you know when it happens.

I now recommend Easy 80 Golf to 6 to 10 people each week. It sounds like an exaggeration until you consider that I own and operate a golf course in mid Michigan.


K. Ernie McPherson
General Manager
Green Briar Golf Course of Lupton, Mich

From the co-author of Fast Play Golf

Hi Bob-

It is evident that you understand the mechanics and mental aspect of the golf swing as well as a clear and precise method of sharing this knowledge with beginning and intermediate players - very well done! Good luck with your program.

Many thanks,

Sally-Ann Coash, Rye, NY

Don dropped 20 strokes in just 8 weeks!

Hello Bob,

I wanted to write to you and say thank you for the golf lessons. I was shooting in the 120 range and did not have any idea as to how to fix my game. After trying your lessons, I am now in the 100 range and feel that if I continue to work at the ideas and tips you have given me that I will be able to break 90 by the end of the summer. Again thank you.

Donald B. Card
MSG, US Army

Les has gained yardage and accuracy


I went out and played a round today. On a dogleg right hole that plays 290 I was on the green for the first time, easy birdie. Actually, I had four birdies; I finished with a 78; this was with a terrible back nine. I was most impressed with my 7 iron which went about 140-150 stopping on a dime. The one tendency that I had was to pull it to the left with my hybrids and fairway woods. I did hit a three wood out of the rough with a nice draw about 230 yards. I chalk that one as luck.

I think my pulls were a result of rushing a bit from the top; I was a little over the top. On my drives, I have to work on not rotating my hands too fast; I focus on extending down the target line more. I had a couple of long drives (about 280).

It is going to be nice to be able to get on in two on the par fives. Then I'll have to move back to the blues!

Les Farley

Jeff has dropped 8 strokes in just two lessons (about 3 weeks) and has lost his push/fade

Merry Christmas Bob,

Thank you for the card. Is that picture in your yard? Brrr...

Things are coming around. I shoot an 89 at a course I have never played very well, my average score in the past was 97. I hit 11 fairways. Only hit 3 greens in reg.

Ball flight is straight most of the time or a slight draw, driver yardage 225.

I think I am ready for lesson #3.

Thank you,

Jeff Perring

Bill added yards to all his shots... in three weeks


Just a quick note to thank you for your lessons.

In just three weeks, I have eliminated my slice and have added 50-60 yards to my drives. (My scores are 10 - 12 strokes lower already.)

My golf buddies have always hit farther than me, especially off the tee -but not any more. Last week on the 18th hole, I stood on the tee box and thought about your lessons. I just trusted my swing, and hit one of my longest drives ever. I was at least 40 yards in front of them and in the middle of the fairway! It felt soooo good!!! (This never happened in the five years before I took your lessons.)

I have finally learned Lesson # 3, after I struggled with it for a while, and added 20-30 yards to all of my irons too. My shots fly high and land soft.

I will keep practicing your lessons this winter. I expect to have my best season ever next year.

Thank you sooooooo much.

Bill Ballard

Glen couldn't believe it until he saw it happen to him.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for helping my golf game.

I had taken golf lessons many times in the past and hadn't gotten any better. I probably got worse! I was hitting the worse slice imaginable. Then I heard about you, so I decided to try once more.

In my first lesson you said, "You're working too hard. Just swing natural and let's see what happens." I couldn't believe it - this was just the opposite of what I had been told by the other instructors. Then you showed me how to "swing out" - really easily - with my clubface square to my target. I did that, and immediately my slice was gone. I hit the ball farther than ever before. I couldn't believe my eyes.

So, I stayed with you for two more lessons. By that time, my banana-ball slice was permanently cured. I was now hitting a draw. My drives were 30 or 40 yards longer than ever before. In fact, last week, I almost reached a 540 yard par 5 hole in just 2 strokes.

My iron shots are now high, long, and accurate. Now my ball stops when it hits the green. And my short game is really improving too. I have dropped at least eight strokes from my score in the last four weeks.

The best thing is, I don't think about my swing anymore - I just feel it. Last week I won three "skins" on my golf league, and I had never done that before. When the other golfers complained about it, I just smiled and said, "I've donated all year, now it's my turn to collect."

I remember, at the end of our third lesson, you said "Glen, that's about all I can help you with." I found myself asking for "just one more lesson, to 'fine tune' everything." That's how much I think of your methods.

Needless to say, I would recommend you to anyone. Sometimes I can't believe what you have done for me. My wife is so impressed with my new golf game that she now wants to take lessons from you too, early next spring.

Once again. Thank you.


Glen Schroeder

(P.S. If anyone reading this testimonial doesn't believe what I have said here and wants to talk to me, please FEEL FREE to give them my phone number.)

From Bob Cook - After Four Lessons...

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to say "THANKS" for your lessons. Right now, I'm only through lesson 4 but have seen some real changes in my swing.

Last year, my average was 55 strokes for nine holes. Yesterday, I shot a 44 for nine holes. I had 3 pars!!! I keep getting better and better - especially with my iron shots, ever since lesson 3.

You said that I would begin hitting longer when I started taking your lessons, but I really didn't think that I was, until last week. I used to hit a high fade and it looked long, but now I hit a draw. The ball goes lower so it doesn't look as long until I walk up to it. It is at least 10 yards longer than it was last year, and I stay in the fairway.

Also, I wanted to say "Thank You" from my grandson Jake. After three lessons with you, he feels so confident in his swing that he beat his cousin last week... He really likes you as a person too. He says "Hi" and he'll see you next week.

Please send me Lesson 5.

Thanks again.

Bob Cook

P.S. I can't believe how much I have improved since I started using a pre-shot routine - I didn't want to, but you insisted. You were right.

After Only One Lesson...


I just wanted to tell you that I am pleasantly surprised how much I progressed with just one lesson from you.

I have taken many lessons in the past and never improved, but a friend recommended you. When saw your web site advertising a "100% success rate" I thought, "Sure, I'll believe it when I see it..."!

But, I decided to try you anyway, and I'm glad I did. Just one lesson and my slice is gone. Also, I am hitting longer than before - so OK, now I do believe it!

I plan to take your full series of lessons this spring. Thank you so much for "working me in".


You Can Improve Like This Too...

Hello Bob,

I've been practicing this lesson for an average of 40 minutes a day since last week. I've definitely added yards to all of my irons, as well as my 3 wood.

Thank you,

Ryan Renfro

Walnut, CA

From My Friend DA...

Hi Bob,

Just had to let you know that the people on Mama's women's golf league and her friends have been asking if she is eating her Wheaties or something because of the big change in her golf. Right now she just smiles and says yes I am!!! She said she is going to wait until she is done with all the leasons and then tell them about you. She is soooo excited, I am sure you will be hearing about don't tell on me....smiles....I just had to let you know because my Social Butterfly may take a little while to tell you....we are going out this next weekend together to practice lesson 4. This is soooo exciting.....more later... have a wonderful week...
Debrann Gray, Michigan

After Three Lessons...

My name is Lynn Butts. I'm 65 years old. I started golfing when I was 50. I only golfed occasionally until I retired.

I started to golf with three friends weekly but never broke 100.

Once in a while I would par on a hole but not very often.

After three lessons with Bob, my iron game improved. I parred three holes my next time out - something I had never done.

When I get my slice straightened out I know I will be beating my friends.

Bob's lessons are easy to understand and follow. With more practice I will be breaking 100.

Lynn A. Butts
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You Can Improve Like This Too...

Hello Bob,

Just had to let you know. I went golfing today, and I tried part of your lesson two. I actually heard the swish. I never knew it did that before. The other exciting thing was I had a few tee shots that were around 150 yards which was an improvement for me. This one hole tees off and then has a little ravine and then up a hill to the flag. Before, I would tee off and then another shot to this side of the ravine, one to get across and then another to get up the hill to the green. Today I teed off, my second shot went over the ravine and the third shot up onto the green.

- Bev Gray, Blissfield, MI

And Bev is still improving...

Hello Bob,

Yes the golf is better, a couple of people from the golf league I play on have commented on my improvement.

News flash- I got my first Birdie last week. Yeah---------------

Also at the course where I usually play, #4 has always been a problem, not just for me.... Last year I gave up on it... there is a rule that says if your second shot is on the hill you can take a penalty shot... there is a circle marked off at the top off the hill for the purpose of chipping from to get on the green. So that's what I did last year. Last week I hit from the bottom of the hill, and it cleared the hill and landed on the green. That is my accomplishment of the year.

I have started my recording of my different clubs for distance and direction at the driving range. I am getting better at knowing what club to use. Helps a lot.

Smiles and God Bless

- Bev Gray, Blissfield, MI

Just Two Lessons...

Hi Bob,

I am hitting much better now. My biggest problem is in relaxing my grip. I always want to squeeze hard on the club, even with a glove on.

But, I think I am really enjoying it now. I understand what you were trying to present in the first 2 lessons.

Thank you so much!

- Sara Brown, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Tom Only Had Time For Three Lessons...


I have taken each lesson (thru Lesson # 3) worked with it and will continue to do so. My driving has seen the most improvement when I keep tempo and swing easy. Short game is coming along. Confidence is improving as comfort and scores improve.

Thanks for your lessons, your help, and your time. All are greatly appreciated---

Hope you notice the improvement when you see me hit 'em.

Thanks again,

Tom Tomzak, Saginaw, Michigan

Here's Another Example of Just Three Lessons Can Do...


After working on Lessons # 1 and # 2, I went out to check my distance on the range. My 9 iron is now going on average about 120 yards. (Just a reminder, my 9 iron was going about 80-90 yards.) My 7 iron is going 140-150. Both have a draw (a pretty strong draw; however, not quite a hook). My 5 hybrid is going out there about 180 yards.; it has a strong draw, also. Now, my 5 wood and driver are going out there, but I have to say they are hooking a bit. (This is a from a push-fade to slice that I used to hit.) The trajectory for the clubs is a bit lower. It seems to help to think to push or extend my arms down the target line. When I played a few holes I didn't feel confident swinging all out. I tended to hesitate and not go back on my backswing as far. It is hard to aim a little more to the right and trust my ball to come back left.

I feel like I have gained distance, but maybe sacrificed accuracy. Does this sound about right?


one week later...


I went out and played a round today. On a dogleg right hole that plays 290 I was on the green for the first time, easy birdie. Actually, I had four birdies; I finished with a 78; this was with a terrible back nine. I was most impressed with my 7 iron which went about 140-150 stopping on a dime. The one tendency that I had was to pull it to the left with my hybrids and fairway woods. I did hit a three wood out of the rough with a nice draw about 230 yards. I chalk that one as luck.

I think my pulls were a result of rushing a bit from the top; I was a little over the top. On my drives, I have to work on not rotating my hands too fast; I focus on extending down the target line more. I had a couple of long drives (about 280).

It is going to be nice to be able to get on in two on the par fives. Then I'll have to move back to the blues!

Les Farley

Here's What Just Four Lessons Can Do...

Hello Bob,

I was able to get out over the weekend and play some golf. I started out great with a birdie on the first hole! I hit an awesome drive and a perfect 4 iron to about 2 feet from the cup.

Just wanted you to know.

Unfortunately when I hit the back nine I started to fall apart. I seemed to have lost the feeling of my swing. I found myself reverting to my old swing which is relay funny because it did not provide me with the golf I wish to play.

I know you’re not a shrink but any thoughts? (Buy the way, I'm already way ahead of where I was last year.)

Thanks for your awsome lessons.

Your friend,

Jeff P.

Two Lessons and 8 Strokes Less Already...

Hello Bob,

Hope you're doing good and all is well. I went out on Sunday and I was able to shave 8 stroke from my game, thank you! When you get a chance can you send over lesson #3?


Two Lessons and Tim's slice is gone...

Hi Bob,

Today at the range I was absolutely crushing my drives. My slice is basically history...out of 100 shots that I hit, maybe 5 were slices. As a matter of fact, when I hit my hybrid off the ground (i.e., no tee) I was actually drawing the ball.

If lesson #3 ultimately works as well as Lessons #1 and #2 then I've got it made.

Take care... Happy Easter.


Lesson # 3 and Tim is Improving Even More...

Hi Bob

I just got back from vacation today. Over the past 10 days I had a chance to play 4 rounds of golf. I can say, without a doubt, that my ball striking is much improved. I was driving the ball really well, including a 270 yard bomb on a 310 yard hole. That was a lot of fun!

I scored more pars this week and any other time I can think of. In fact, Saturday, on the back 9, I was tracking for a 41, until I choked and plunked a 100 yard PW into the water! That back 9, I scored one birdie and missed 2 relatively easy birdie putts, both from about 6 feet. That was frustrating, but again, my putting was off last week. Again, I'm not too worried about that though, because I know I'm a good putter.

One more quick "success story". I was playing a 450 yard dogleg par 5 on Saturday. I had to carry about 250 yards to clear the water. Both my playing partners dodged the lake and played it safe. I decided to go for it. I boomed the drive, and cleared the lake, barely. I put a 7 iron about 8 yards to the right of the green, small chip to about 3 feet and easy putt for the birdie (the one that I actually converted this round!)

So to recap, much better ball striking, average drive probably about 240 (up from 200-210), with a long drive of 270.

I'm also ready for lesson #4.


Tim - New Jersey

Marty Lost His Slice With Just One Lesson...


Thank you, Lesson # 1 was a great success. The night I ordered your lessons, I was at the driving range in the last stall on the left, and my ball was slicing to the net on the right side. I was so frustrated. After lesson 1 most of my shots were pushing a little right. ( I think this is ok ). But I feel a lot better now that I know how to try to hit the ball properly. The ping pong example really made it clear. I will work on the consistency. Looking forward to lesson 2.

PS. Thank for responding at 10:30 the other night.



Henry Won the Long Drive Hole After Just One Lesson...

Hi Bob,

Well I've been doing the "Swinging Out" drill for about a week now. I am not consistent as yet, but luckily, I hit one of my "good" running draws on the hole our group chose for the "longest drive" competition. I beat the nearest competitor by about 30 yards!!! Not bad for one week, huh? Please give me your thoughts on where I should proceed from here.


Hank Calzaretta

Lisle IL

It Has Been Two Years Since James Started Our lessons...

Hi Bob,

I'm not sure you remember me, but you worked with me in Zephyrhills, Florida during the winter of 2006. I was really struggling with my golf game and you approached me, told me you were researching a new golf teaching method and asked me if I would like to participate.

I just wanted you to know that I am so grateful that I did. Last week I found your site on the internet and wanted to let you know that I am playing in the low eighties and upper seventies this year. That is nearly 40 strokes less than my average round when you met me.

I work on your drills almost every day and keep getting better and better. You are my GURU!!!

Thanks so much for caring.

James H.

Miami, Florida

It Has Been One Year Since Waymon Started Our lessons...

Hi Bob,

Do you remember me?

I took your lessons one year ago and was struggling on our local course. I was always shooting in the 100 range.

This year I have graduated to a championship course and am shooting in the low 90's and mid 80's. My handicap is 13 to 15 most of the time.

I just wanted to say that without your lessons, it would never have happened for me!!!

In my humble opinion, your lessons should be receiving awards!!!

Thank you so much for all of your help.

Your Friend.

Waymond S.

West Branch, Mich

It Has Been 6 Months Since Tim Started Our lessons...

Hi Bob,

Quick update on your proposed fix. It worked. I am now out of my slump. Played 9 holes on Saturday, shot a 48. Played 18 on Sunday and went 48/47, total 95. Should have been a 93 if I didn't miss two short putts!

So, I'm not quite in the 80's yet, but low to mid 90's is a vast improvement on my 100-105 range that I started at from the beginning of the year.

Also, I'm happy to report that I have had to alter my club selection. Thanks to certain lessons (#2 and #3 in particular), I now hit my ball 10-15 yards further than last year. For example, last year I would hit my 8 iron from about 130-140 and this year, I'm hitting my 8 iron from 140-150! The same can be said for all my clubs...5 iron, same thing. Last year, I wouldn't have dreamed of using my 5 iron for shots over 170 yards, but this year, I'm getting about 180 out of a 5 iron.

I just wish I could play again today, but alas, I'm working and it's raining!

Take care.


(Tim's Last Name and Address Withheld By Request)

Let's Watch Allen Progress...

After Lesson #1 - 7/27/08

Thanks for lesson 1, I have spent a few hours and have definitely noticed a difference in ball flight even hit a few draws with the driver. Please can you send lesson 2. I don’t believe its too quick as I have already got the hang of this drill and would like to move on.

After Lesson #2 - Two Days Later - 7/29/08

I think I am ready for lesson 3. Going very well with ballstriking. The swish drill great for learning to relax arms, something I’ve always struggled with, the natural grip for me is definitely different to how I’ve being gripping the club until now. Actually feels very natural already.

After Lesson #3 - Only Three days Later - 8/1/08

I am definitely hitting it longer. Please can you send 4th lesson.

After Lesson #4 - Two Weeks Later - 8/14/08

Going great. Please can you send next lesson.

Many Thanks,


(A. B. Lennard, South Africa)

Let's Watch John Progress...

Two days and John already feels the change in his swing---

Hi Bob,

The one thing I left out about myself is I am the most impatient person in the universe, but having said that I have done the drill as you have shown it`s working well so give it one more day I should have it down today my time, so could you send me lesson 2 please? I shall start it Thursday my time. so I am off to the range to work more on lesson 1.

Thanks Bob, I can feel a real change coming on.


Two weeks and John is now driving 300 yards and gives a tip for other golfers---

Hi Bob,

I went back to lessons 1-2 and had great results. I hit 3 drives one after the other over 300 yards - yes, you read right, 300 yards and with a slight draw.

I just followed your instructions and got back on line. Ok Bob, time for me to go to lesson 3. If I may add to anyone reading this - please take your time on Lessons 1 and 2, it will pay you.

Kindest Regards,


One Week Later and John Astounds His Friends---

Hi Bob,

Just an update. I played with friends over Easter they could not believe how well I was striking the ball with both my irons and my driver. In fact my good pal said after one of my drives "I have played with single digit golfers on this hole but none of them have driven the ball as far as you."

All thanks to you Bob. Ok off to practise lesson 3.

Kindest Regards,


After Our Fifth Lesson---

Hi Bob,

Great News!!! I am striking the ball much further than I could imagine. I am now driving on average 260-270 yards. My 3 iron is going well over 200 yards and all other irons are 20-30 yards longer than ever before.

I cant thank you enough Bob. Your instructions are simple and they work. I think this is the end of our journey Bob but I will update you from time to time and I will put people on to your instruction

Kindest Regards,

John- a happy golfer!!!


After Watching One of Our Students---

Hi Bob,

I just played a round with an old friend and student of yours, whose game used to be about at my level. Last Wednesday, he shot the best round of his life, a 78. He would do it against me! In fact, he told me about your lessons, and I have come to your website as a result of his recommendation, and also his results. Seeing is believing!

P.S. I've just come from the driving range, where I applied the principles of Lesson # 1, and I am quite pleased with the results already. Looking forward to continuing.


(Mattew P. - Michigan)

Before Dennis' Private lesson---


Greetings. I am an old friend of one of your Super Star pupils who broke 80 yesterday !! He is flying HI at the moment.

I NEED yer help! Cannot get off the tee with any yardage or accuracy. Used to be in high 80's / low 90's all the time, now 90's.

I wondered what your teaching schedule might be like in the next few weeks? Might there be a day or two available the week of July 6 or July 13? Tuesday is golf league, but the other four weekdays are open @ the moment (busy retired guy that I am).

Please advise and thanks.

Dennis M.

That Evening---


"I" just opened the computer to send YOU a note (U beat me to it).

Two big items: 1- I am still smiling!!! and 2- not sore yet !

Best golf instruction ever ! I was so pleased with your style and knowledge of the swing. Obviously, you picked up the key elements for me and I cannot wait to get "out there."

Will definitely keep you informed of results.

THANKS again for the time, effort and analysis MOST appreciated !


Two Day's Later---

Professor Bob:

I just returned from Grand Rapids and a round of golf in the midst. I AM MOST pleased ! Had a 42/45 with 2 penalties (both tee shots O B to the right) and 33 putts. Drives improved, fairway woods improved and the shorter irons (taking divots really improved) going higher,same or greater distance and stopping quickly !!!

I'm thinking that standing closer @ address, wider stance and staying back is working. Most drives were in the fairway (or first cut) and longer. Didn't hit one outstanding drive, but 20-25 yds makes a fantastic difference on second shot ! The score was nice, BUT the progress and a little confidence growth was even better.

Just had to let you know about today, hope U R smiling as much as I am this eve.

Have a good Holiday weekend. We are headed to a wedding on the top of Boyne Mtn this weekend.

AND Thanks, again.


Just One Week Later --- Dennis Drops More Strokes And Hits His Longest Drive Of The Season---


On league tonight. First drive; 245 right side. Next tee shot about 240 (Am getting excited). Another about 225.

Number 17, 285 yard about 265-270, chip to 5' and make birdie putt.

My 9 hole score.......................37 ! Just one over par - I am excited !

That's one stroke dropped every hole - in one week!

Can hardley wait for next outing !

I definately hope to get "up there" again before season ends.

Thanks again.


(Dennis Manning. -Waterford, Michigan)

Just One Day and Just One Lesson---

Hi Bob,

I practiced lesson one last night religiously and then went out today and hit an 85 gross and I took stats. I hit 10 fairways, four greens in regulation and 35 putts. I use to be a 15 handicap and like you said was trying out so many other swings and the result was terrible I went out to 21.8 that's a 24 off the white tees at my course. However my 85 gross gave me a 61net and 44 stabs. I should be getting my handicap down soon. My friends are calling me a burglar he!he!he!

Thanks Bob for getting me back on the right track.

Can you please send me the second lesson?

Kind regards,


(Les Solomona, New Zealand)

And You Can Improve Like This Too...Guaranteed!!!