Golf Instruction Online - What Makes Easy 80 Golf Different - Why We Succeed Where Others Fail

Most golf lesson sites offer books, e-books, e-mail tips, videos, DVD's, CD's, swing trainers, or tremendously expensive on-site lessons. But there's a problem here....

  • Did you ever read a book about driving a car? After reading this book, were you able to jump behind the wheel and drive like a professional?

  • As a child, did you watch your parents drive a car? After watching them, were you able to drive?

  • If someone explained how to drive a car while you watched, would you then able to drive?

  • Did your driver's education lessons last one week (or less)? Even if it did, would you be able to drive perfectly after a few days of lessons (or would you have a myriad of thoughts cluttering your mind)?

  • Did you have training wheels on your first bike - did it feel the same when they were removed?

  • Did you have training wheels on your first bike - did it feel the same when they were removed?
Of course, the answer is "No" to all of the above. You learn by DOING THINGS YOURSELF! This is the way we have always learned. We had to learn to slide before we could crawl; crawl before we could walk; walk before we could run; run before we could leap, etc. - one part had to be mastered before we could learn the next. Does it stand to reason that learning to play golf would be any different?

And that is why we offer you - Simple Basic Fundamentals - learned through drills - golf lessons which are so easy that once you've mastered them you don't think about them - you just do them - every time. Your golf swing will become natural, instinctive, and easy - just like walking. (Where would you be if you had to think about walking: which foot to use first, what angle to bend your ankle, etc.?)

The simple difference? Other golf lessons tell you how to think about your swing. We tell you how to NOT think about it. Our lessons work because, once you've practiced our simple drills, you DON'T have to think about them - you simply FEEL them in your swing.

Also this is why our golf lessons are opened to you - at your request - not all at once. You learn the first simple drill before adding the next - you begin to master one lesson and then build on it - just the way we have always learned - through simple repetition - doing it ourselves - one lesson building on the other.

I would like to add that I know of no other golf lesson site offering this type of natural progression - building your golf swing, simply, effectively - one thing at a time - until you do it, without ever thinking about it. And you do it in just a few days, not months or years.

Plus, our students have always experienced an immediate improvement in their golf swing, within the first few minutes of Lesson # 1 - usually in the first five to ten minutes. And you can too!!! Just ask and the best golfing in you life can be yours, starting right now!!!

Let's turn your frustration on the golf course into smiles.

Happy Golfing.